Kaziranga National Park

A visit to a nature reserve is very much different to visiting other places typical on our travel itinerary. A national park or a nature reserve is mostly a one stop place where you get to explore nature at its close proximity. The entire area teems with wildlife, natural surroundings and many bird calls. Kaziranga National Park located in the North Eastern state of Assam is a natural wonder.  This national park as a travel destination is suitable for people of all ages. It’s also perfect destination for couples on honeymoon vacations.

A major tourist attraction especially if you’re a nature buff. This Northern Eastern national park has also been declared as a World Heritage site in by UNSECO.  The park provides a great diversification of wildlife, flora and fauna. Kaziranga National Park is particularly known for its one horned rhinoceros and this park houses the most number of animals of this particular species. The Indian Rhinos are comparable to their African counterparts in size and forms the largest in this species. Mostly herbivore in nature, their natural habitat is around grasslands and around rivers. Rhinos do not have any kind of predators except for the tigers but can offer a formidable confrontation against tigers due to their size.

Sometime during the last decade – the park was also declared as a tiger reserve. The royal Bengal tigers are very majestic in appearance and are best viewed from elephant safaris. The park houses few large animals besides rhinos. They also have tigers, elephants and hoolock gibbons.
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Hoolock Gibbons

Kaziranga National Park also boasts of a vibrant Bird sanctuary. The park is a habitat to several species of birds. Many Bird watchers flock to this place to see these unique bird species that are native to this region and also some migratory species. Travellers wanting to catch a glimpse of these birds can view them in a specially constructed tower. This park has several species of birds like imperial eagle, greater spotted eagle, and white-tailed fishing eagle.

A visit to this park has to be carefully planned since it’s not open throughout the year. One can visit after October and well into April – this is the preferred time for travelling.

A Wildlife tour does not provide too many options as some kind of adjustments and compromises has to be made. Kaziranga does not have any well-known restaurants –food will not be a problem. The local food is very distinct from the rest of the country, rice forms the basic ingredient and the cuisine is mostly non-spicy.

Other place of interest is the massive tea gardens first farmed by the Colonial British. It happens to be a major attraction and tourists often flock to the tea gardens to catch of glimpse of the famous Assam tea.    
Kaziranga forms the best getaway destination if one is hungry for some wildlife adventure. Families and couples will have some good memories to bring on their return making sure it will be trip that they’ll never forget.

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