Splendid Northeast – A Brief Guide

When you think about the Northeast, probably, two things will come to your mind. One of them might be Cherapunji, the only place in the country to receive the highest rainfall also called as the wettest place on Earth and Kaziranga National Park. The Northeast offers much more than these two places from all the seven states present in this region. The weather offers beautiful natural locations like national parks, lakes and many tourist locations. The North East, although situated at one corner of the country, it offers some great leisure vacations.

Northeast does not fail when it comes to impressing tourists with the natural beauty of the surrounding, the cuisines, the culture, diversity and many other things that make this place truly unique. The first thing that will catch your eyes is the sprawling greenery. If nature is more towards your liking, take a visit to a good number of national parks. The famous Kaziranga National Park is present it the state of Assam. It is designated as a World Heritage site and hosts two-thirds of the one-horned Rhinoceros.

Travellers will find plenty of lakes in the Northeast and some of them also provide a fascinating and exotic view. For example, Gurudongmar Lake in the state of Sikkim is the highest lake in the world.

Tour of the tribal areas and getting acquainted with their lifestyle offers an experience where no other part of the country will provide. When visiting the tribes, you will often pass through breathtaking scenery. Nagaland is the tribal heartland of this region. Inhabited by the Nagas, there are 16 major tribes in Nagaland each one of them with their distinct culture, traditions and even language.

Arunachal Pradesh – bordering China has abundance of wildlife. It is also home to some rare species that are native to this state like the clouded leopard, Golden Cat etc. The Tawang Monastery is the largest in the world and has some old Buddhist scriptures. The view from this Monastary offers a breathtaking view of the natural surroundings.

Have you thought of any adventure sports? If you change your mind and you so desire for one, Arunachal Pradesh provides you with Rafting on the Siang River.
North-east, adventure sport, river-rafting
Rafting in Siang River

North-eastern festivals are colourful and any festivities in the region are celebrated with much fanfare. Here you can do two things either watch and enjoy or participate and enjoy more. You must have witnessed boat races in Kerala and may be even in the Asian countries. You will be mighty surprised to know that Sualkuchi in Assam also conducts boat races. Massive crowd gathers during the races cheering their teams to win. When you arrive in Manipur, be sure to visit Loktak Lake which also happens to be the world’s only floating late. You can take a boat ride here to view the pristine surroundings.

North-east, festivals, boat race
Boat race in the North-East
Dzkou Valley is another location filled with natural surroundings. The best places to visit are in the summer. In the summer the valley blooms with various species of flowers.

The Northeast part of the country is an unexplored part. The major reasons are only because it located to one corner of the country. Your visit to this region unlocks much uniqueness it has to offer. Apart from the natural beauty, the colourful festivals you take back with you a lot of learning about another travel destination in Incredible India.

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