Mesmerising Dubai

Dubai - a dessert converted into a sprawling metropolis filled with massive skyscrapers, hotels and nightlife. If planning for trip to Dubai – now will be the right time. The City is astonishingly beautiful housing one of the world’s tallest building. The growth of Dubai into a world renowned city is not only surprising but the pace of its growth surpassed all expectations. A Global city and business hub of the Middle East, Dubai has a lot to offer with many tourist attractions. has some great discount on flight tickets to this awesome city.

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Burj Al-Arab - Most Expensive Hotel in the World
Whether you have or have not been to Dubai for vacation, one thing to certainly strike your mind is BurjAl-Arab - it’s the most expensive hotel in the world boasting luxuries only the super-rich could afford! The most astonishing part of this hotel is that it’s built on an artificial island extending some distance from the main shoreline. The building is impressively designed making it one of the iconic structures of the global city. The titles that are given to iconic buildings does not stay that long. Much similar to record-breaking in sports when once record is broken there is always some else ready to break it and achieve a record. So is the case with iconic structures. Previously many travellers would easily associate Burj Al-Arab Hotel with Dubai, the building would have seldom known that it is soon to find company. Burj Khalifa – completed in 2009, is the tallest building in the world. Seeing this building personally from the ground up is certain to sprain your neck – see it with caution!
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Underwater Aquarium
Palm Jumeirah or the Palm Island is another major attraction in Dubai. It’s a man-made island designed in the shape of palm tree and also one of the largest artificial islands in the world. The Palm boasts a vast array of high-end hotels. The completion of Palm Jumeirah is evident of human ingenuity.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is one of the major tourist attractions. The Aquarium houses several species of marine life. It is located in the Dubai Mall the aquarium is a 10 million litre tank and is the largest in the world.

The Dubai Shopping Festival- attracts travellers from around the world. The numerous shopping centres present in the city cater to all the shoppers from around the world. It is a month long festival held in January – this shopping festival is truly a shopaholic’s paradise!
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Al Bastakia - Old Dubai
If you would like to know what was Dubai like in the old times, the City presents an opportunity for the utter curious to take look into the City’s past. Dubai is all about the modernity depicted in its high-rise constructions. Its heart- warming to note that Dubai has maintained its past. The place that is talked about is Al Bastakia. This part of Old Dubai represents the architectural style of Arabs. Be sure to visit this place as it gives you a different feeling. 

The attractions in Dubai are littered with places that are a treat not just to your eyes but to your senses as well. The magic of Dubai is the experience the come with it, the people, the places and most importantly the memories.

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