People who don't Travel cannot have a Global view

“People who don't travel cannot have a global view all they see is what's in front of them. Those people cannot accept new things because all they know is where they live.”

The above quote of Martin Yan says a lot about the psychological rewards of traveling. Have you ever wondered how would a life be had you never moved away from your home. It would be awfully monotonous. Traveling once in a while could be a very good way to access the freely available knowledge resources around us. The best part is you have multiple options for travel. You may travel by Road, Sea or Air. But you will have these learning everywhere you go as the masters quote all the time. The reason why saints and mystics have been advising their followers to travel is to allow them to get in touch with the society they live in face to face to see and feel how others live and a natural opportunity to grow by themselves. Taking 100 steps is better than talking about 100 things. It teaches you more. People never realize what they have unless they leave it for a while. It all depends on how to survive when you are out of your comfort zones. You will always seek a place where you feel at home even if you travel far distances because it provides you with energy to go furthermore. But if you get too attached to any place during a travel you lose the whole point of it.  A good traveler keeps moving ahead irrespective of the consequences. A hard core traveler will never get involved in any of the destinations so much that he would never return back. Once he is back after a good travel, he loves his abode more than when he left. Life is also like a journey. If you keep going ahead without stopping at or getting too much involved in everything you come across it could be a lot more fun.      

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