Different Perspectives on ‘Destination’

When we say destination, it may have several implications. It has distinct perceptions for every individual. For example what comes to your mind when you hear someone saying Destination? May be it’s a place you may have been to or a house where you might have spent some good time. One thing is common which is present in all such perceptions. A destination isn’t simply a place where you go, more often the one that you would love to go again and again.

 It is of course special to each one of us. But the attributes of its specialty are relative to the varying interests of persons from time to time. People who love peace would like to simply escape from their routine. They will find a peaceful place to get involved in some sort of soul searching. Fun lovers would go for a day trip or an overnight stay may be near a waterfall, a water park or simply a place providing ample possibilities for reunions to get connected with friends or family. Adventure enthusiasts never lose an opportunity to get in touch with nature. They would go places for activities such as hiking, trekking, bungee jumping, rock climbing, Water sports such as river rafting, snorkeling, Para gliding on a river etc. Also the places with pleasant climates which could be sometimes even less known may also qualify to be called a destination. People who read travel blogs and books simply want to go to those places, be there, have food and do all they may have read about. Religious destinations are also on the list of many travelers to get indulged in some kind of spiritual practice.

Very few countries like India provide everything mentioned above if you compare all these different perspectives. And very few travel web portals cater to such an exhaustive list of travelers.

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