Dolphin’s Nose: A Scenic Destination in the Lap of Nature

Dolphin’s nose

In order to reach the Dolphin’s nose, you would have to travel approximately 8 Kms from the bus stand. You would have to cross Pambar Bridge near levinge stream. A rough curve rounds the hill side which leads to a point where a flat rock projects over a deep 6600 feet steep fall. This is Dolphin’s nose. On your way to this place, you would come across majestic views of plains and steep rocky eascarpeints called rolling hills. If you are an adventure lover, then you should definitely consider visiting this destination. It is heavenly destination for all those individuals who love adventure activities. 
The area surrounding this destination is a favourite hangout amongst hikers. It is one of the most popular things to do in the Kodaikanal. It is allowed near the falls, but it is essential for you to undergo medical examination in order to avoid problems in future. You can even consider hiking with a bunch of professionals. The first-hand experience of professional hikers will help you avoid possible hazards. There are various paths wherein you can hike, but if you’re a first-time hike, then you should choose a path accordingly. 
If you are visiting this destination for the first time around, then you can perform some background research about this place. Here, you can make your trip a memorable experience by visiting Kodaikanal attractions like Dolphin’s nose. In order to avoid accommodation woes, you can take assistance of professional holiday package service providers. The best aspect of availing services of such companies is that you don’t have to worry about their quality because they are in the industry for many years now and their brand has grown considerably with each passing year.

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