Dolphin’s Nose: A Scenic Destination in the Lap of Nature

Dolphin’s nose

In order to reach the Dolphin’s nose, you would have to travel approximately 8 Kms from the bus stand. You would have to cross Pambar Bridge near levinge stream. A rough curve rounds the hill side which leads to a point where a flat rock projects over a deep 6600 feet steep fall. This is Dolphin’s nose. On your way to this place, you would come across majestic views of plains and steep rocky eascarpeints called rolling hills. If you are an adventure lover, then you should definitely consider visiting this destination. It is heavenly destination for all those individuals who love adventure activities. 
The area surrounding this destination is a favourite hangout amongst hikers. It is one of the most popular things to do in the Kodaikanal. It is allowed near the falls, but it is essential for you to undergo medical examination in order to avoid problems in future. You can even consider hiking with a bunch of professionals. The first-hand experience of professional hikers will help you avoid possible hazards. There are various paths wherein you can hike, but if you’re a first-time hike, then you should choose a path accordingly. 
If you are visiting this destination for the first time around, then you can perform some background research about this place. Here, you can make your trip a memorable experience by visiting Kodaikanal attractions like Dolphin’s nose. In order to avoid accommodation woes, you can take assistance of professional holiday package service providers. The best aspect of availing services of such companies is that you don’t have to worry about their quality because they are in the industry for many years now and their brand has grown considerably with each passing year.

Visit Kodaikanal to Reminisce the Experience for an Entire Lifetime


Kodaikanal is a mesmerising city in the hills of Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu. The literal meaning of Kodaikanal in the Tamil language is ‘The Gift of Forest’. This place is home to numerous scenic destinations, which draws plenty of visitors. 

Following are some popular Kodaikanal attractions:

Berijam Lake, Kodaikanal
Berijam Lake:
Located at an approximate distance of 21Km from the bus stand, this lake is surrounded by Upper Palni Shola Forest Reserve hosting a large range of flora and fauna. Some of the extremely beneficial medicine plants available here include Digitalis, Dioscorea are Pyrethrum. Large number of initiatives has been taken for protection of this lake. Berijam Lake’s major enemy is pollution in the surrounding, which has to be tamed at any cost. This place is considered as one of the most popular attractions in Kodaikanal. 

Bryant Park, Kodaikanal

Bryant Park:
Named after a British Officer Glenn Bryant, this park holds an annual flower and vegetation show. This show attracts large number of tourists from different parts of world. There also stands a glass house in the garden which hosts a wide collection of flowers, ferns and other plants. The glass house in this park hosts an annual horticulture show every year in May month.

Shenbaganur Museum

 Shenbaganur Museum:
Beautifully placed in the city of Kodaikanal, Shenbaganur Museum is an immensely beautiful depicting rare piece of architecture from the Southern India. This museum also houses a wide collection beautiful flowers and bird species, which enchants the senses of every visitor. 

If you are visiting this place for the first time, then you would have to research for the same in advance. This will save you from various hassles during the course of your trip. Additionally, you should consider taking assistance of holiday service providers such as Travel Hot. These holiday providers such as (United-21 Resort, Kodaikanal) ensure absolute comfort & luxury to make your stay a memorable experience.

Fabulous attractions await tourists in Hong Kong and Macau

Hong Kong City View
Hong Kong is usually identified by its elegant skyscrapers, but there exists a vibrant culture beyond its commercial buildings that is deeply rooted in Chinese traditions. Though one cannot deny the influences that colonial rule has left on this city and Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China (PRC), the Chinese culture still triumphs over everything else in this part of the world.

Ocean Park, Hong Kong
Among the other delights that one can experience while touring Hong Kong are its bustling  neighborhoods and fascinating islands. Many of the Hong Kong holiday packages are designed to give tourists the chance to explore some of its fabulous offerings. They can shop for their desired items in the local markets and shopping areas, walking away with the best bargains. Their stays are arranged in some of the famous hotels of Hong Kong that are well-equipped with the latest facilities. Kids can have a great time at the theme park, which has exciting rides and all the elements that amount for unlimited fun and entertainment.

Macau City View in Night

From Hong Kong, one can take a ferry to reach Macau, which is another Special Administrative Region of the PRC. During the tour of Macau, travelers would also get the opportunity to explore its awe-inspiring attractions.

Malaysia offers diverse cultures and awe-inspiring attractions

Malaysia is a vibrant melting-pot of diverse races and religions that have co-existed peacefully over the years. The Malays, Indians, Chinese and other ethnic groups have contributed to a rich cultural heritage of this amazing country. As a result, one can find a variety of cuisines and colourful festivals in this part of Asia. The Malaysia tour packages offered by the leading travel portals give tourists the opportunity to savour the many delights that this country has in store for its guests.

Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur
Among the most famous tourist attractions of Malaysia are the Petronas Towers, the twin skyscrapers located in the country's capital, Kuala Lumpur. Travellers can get a glimpse of Malaysian culture and history on their visit to the National Museum, near the Perdana Lake Gardens. Another well-known tourist attraction is the Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque, the country's largest mosque and the second-largest in Southeast Asia. Other places worth exploring on a tour of Malaysia are KL Orchid Garden, China Town, and Independence Square.

Tourists can shop for their favourite items in the elegant shopping complexes of Malaysia. Restaurants in different parts of the country serve some of the most mouth-watering cuisines. Travellers can savour the delicacies in the tastefully designed interiors of these restaurants.