Kodaikanal: The Land of Unending Scenic Beauty

Kodaikanal City
Kodaikanal is amongst the most sought after holiday and honeymoon destination in India. It is adored by visitors for its enchanting landscape and picturesque surrounding. The enormous trees and stunning slopes are responsible for the beauty of this city. People visiting this place are often left awe-stuck by its scenic beauty. 
Following are some of the places that you can visit on your trip to Kodaikanal:
Berijam Lake Overview:
Berijam Lake

Berijam Lake is a freshwater reservoir hidden amidst the dense forests near this beautiful and mesmerizing hill station. This water body is spread over 59 acres land. The water of this lake is extremely pure and drinkable, which is one of the reasons why it is used by Periyakulam citizens. You can walk around this lake and experience immense peace that surrounds here.
Visit the Pine Forest:
Pine Forest

You won’t regret visiting this forest because the visual appeal and distinctiveness of this place is extraordinary. The ground in this forest appears more like a bed of pine needles. As you walk through this forest, the sun constantly plays hide and seek. This place is usually crowded, but during weekends it’s a packed house. There are many more great places to visit in Kodaikanal. Therefore, you should consider getting Travel Hot onboard, which has a reputation of offering some of the best holiday packages. 

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