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How do you know that the Airlines you have opted for is the best in the market? Had these last decade, it was indeed a worthy question, but in the year of technological advancement, you would thing the question to be silly. Earlier it was your agent, who would have booked tickets for you.

Today agent has been replaced by something known as a travel portal. Flight Bookings were never so convenient until the advent of Internet Portals. A Great Travel portal like, can provide you with enough information to answer all your ‘WH’ questions related to your desired Airlines. It in fact goes a step beyond and also helps you to know more about the destinations you are visiting as well, as opposed to simply information related to flight bookings for those locations. Travel portals are a real boon to the tourists across not just India but abroad as well.

If you are planning any vacations make sure to check to get every bit of information about your destination. It might happen, the month you wish to visit a particular destination may not be ideal because of whether conditions. So decide and book only when you go through our travel guide.

Visit Kodaikanal to Unravel its Picturesque Beauty

Kodaikanal is one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. Heaven for adventure seekers and trekkers, this tourist destination receives a plethora of people every year. If you intend to make the most of your trip to Kodaikanal, then you should consider availing Travel Holiday packages. This will magnify the fun quotient of your trip considerably. 
You can rent bicycles from nearby shops and travel around this beautiful hill station. You can come across many cyclists on roads travelling in groups. Join these groups and explore the beauty of this city. Tourists can also reach out in this city through buses or other local transport. 
Kodaikanal has many trekking routes, so you can hire a trekking guide offered by the tourist department. These guides are well-versed with every nook & corner of this city, so you would get an opportunity to have loads of fun during the trip. When it comes to accommodation in this city, you would have nothing to worry about. There are many Kodaikanal resorts spread out at reasonable distance. You can research about them in order to find the best in the lot. Kodaikanal is a hilly area, so you need to make yourself physically fit in order to scale rough terrains. Take along a bunch of friends and enjoy the trip.

Come down to the Party at Mandarmoni

Mandarmoni Beach View in West Bengal
Mandarmoni, one of the most popular beach cities in West Bengal, is an ideal getaway for anyone looking out a divine and tranquil destination. Spread over 13Km, it is one of the longest motorable beaches in India. If you love visiting tranquil surrounding, then your trip to Mandarmoni would be an absolute delight. You can stroll around the beach and feel the joy as wind gently blows off your hairs and waves crashing upon the shore.

On your visit to Mandarmoni, you can pursue a wide range of activities for making the trip a memorable experience. Some of the popular activities include beach cricket, boat cruises, volleyball etc. In addition to these activities, tourists also indulge in swimming and sunbathing. Digha beach festival and Surf and Sand fest are one of the most popular festivals in Mandarmoni. During night hours, Tourists dance to the tunes of amazing music.

Digha Beach Festival 2014
In order to make the most of your trip to Mandarmoni, you can get in touch with Travel Hot. It is a leading service provider for travellers since last many years. It is revered for offering the best vacations packages at reasonable pricing. If you intend to make the most of your trip to Mandarmoni, then you should get in touch with Travel Hot. It is equipped with pinnacle level standard quality individuals who have extensive experience in the travel industry.

Kodaikanal: The Land of Unending Scenic Beauty

Kodaikanal City
Kodaikanal is amongst the most sought after holiday and honeymoon destination in India. It is adored by visitors for its enchanting landscape and picturesque surrounding. The enormous trees and stunning slopes are responsible for the beauty of this city. People visiting this place are often left awe-stuck by its scenic beauty. 
Following are some of the places that you can visit on your trip to Kodaikanal:
Berijam Lake Overview:
Berijam Lake

Berijam Lake is a freshwater reservoir hidden amidst the dense forests near this beautiful and mesmerizing hill station. This water body is spread over 59 acres land. The water of this lake is extremely pure and drinkable, which is one of the reasons why it is used by Periyakulam citizens. You can walk around this lake and experience immense peace that surrounds here.
Visit the Pine Forest:
Pine Forest

You won’t regret visiting this forest because the visual appeal and distinctiveness of this place is extraordinary. The ground in this forest appears more like a bed of pine needles. As you walk through this forest, the sun constantly plays hide and seek. This place is usually crowded, but during weekends it’s a packed house. There are many more great places to visit in Kodaikanal. Therefore, you should consider getting Travel Hot onboard, which has a reputation of offering some of the best holiday packages.