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Coral Islands of Maldives

Maldives tourism has been rapidly changed as it started encouraging eco-tourism and other corrective measures to save environment and its rich aqua life. It is a very unique and special place attracting many colors from different coasts.

Maldives is ranking among the most desirable travel destinations in the tropical region. This is because, it is home to large natural reserves and encourages eco-tourism to safeguard the delicate environment and rich marine life.

Beach tourists often plunge into its beauty of torquoise waters, white beach sand, unique wildlife and a chance to see its untamed coral colors, desired by many divers and snorkelers that praise its profuse underwater resources. Come fill your life with all that is 'LIFE' and be a part of fascinating and refreshing underwater mountain range with stunning coral reefs on its edge.

These small showers of picturesque islands with dense tropical flora and incredible fauna including flowering plants, shrubs and swaying coconut palms surrounded by contrasting white beaches, crystalline lagoons that all makes 'Maldives as paradise on Earth'.

Maldives could be the ideal place for you to learn snorkeling, where you can put the mask on your face, fins on your feet and the air-tube in your mouth. With these simple devices you can enter the magical world beneath the surface. Don't be worry about not knowing the sport, our professional tour guide will help you with prior knowledge of snorkeling and guide you to ride the waves.

Maldives has emerged as an ideal location for the scuba divers for its magnificent coral reefs and guess what! Whale watching should surely be on your must-list. Whales that can be seen here are from all categories, namely from the large Blue whales to the small dolphins.

Another interesting activity, that you will love to participate in, is various water sports which are hosted here for a perfect adventure slide. Maldives are like a magnet for people who love marine life and yes, life in general.

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