Friday, August 23, 2013

Explore the charm of Nainital Tourism

Nainital one of the popular hills stations of India stands on top of the list of tourist attractions of Uttarakhand. This incredible Indian state is popular for many popular tourist attractions and pilgrim centers. Uttarakhand located in northern India is supposed to be the abode of god as per Hindu belief and covers variety of attractions of tourist interest. It is blessed with natural beauty of the Himalayas and an exclusive surrounding. Nainital tourism has many dazzling tourist attractions to be explored.

Nainital the lake district of Uttarakhand is located on a great height of around two thousand meters and it has received its name from the tranquil Naini Lake. Salubrious weather and scenic beauty of Nainital is one of the prime factors, which attract hordes of tourists to this popular hill station in the Himalayas. This beautiful city of Uttarakhand has many legends associated with it, one of which describes Nainital as the place where Lord shankara performed his Tandava Nritya. This popular region mentioned in the ancient mythological books has become a popular destination in the modern days. Tucked amidst high rising peaks of Kumaon hills this lake resort of Nainital offers many activities like boating, strolling hill side jungles and visiting some of the renowned institutions like ARIES. Some of the beautiful places to visit in Nainital are Bhimtal, Sattal, Naina Devi Temple, Governor’s House, Naina Peak and Nakuchiatal.

Bhimtal is a lovely town located at a height of 1370 meters and just twenty two km from Nainital with the scenic Bhimtal Lake as its central attraction. This lake located beautifully amidst the huge green mountains is an exclusive tourist as well as pilgrim destination. Beauty of this lake is doubled by the small island, which is perched at the center of this lake. Bhimtal is a great combination of exotic views, historic places and incredible wildlife circled in its forests.

This is an exclusive collection of seven lakes located near Bhimtal on a great height resembling paradise on earth. Beautifully set amidst dense oak and pine forests this unspoilt location attracts many tourists as well as migratory birds from distant places. There are camps organized in this area for enjoying outdoor luxury of the region.

Naina Devi Temple
This 15th century temple is the most sacred place and a religious pilgrim center of Nainital. There is a mythological story of Shiva and Parvati associated with this temple. Located on the northern shore of Naini lake Maa Naina Devi is the chief deity of this temple. The fabulous hill resort of Nainital basically received its name from this goddess.

Naina Peak
It offers excellent scenic views of rising deodars, rhododendrons as well as cypress trees. Tour of Naina Peak offers exclusive views of the surrounding landscapes and other neighboring snow clad peaks.

Gurney House 
This is the residence of well known conservationist Jim Corbett located in the scenic Ayarpatta slopes of Nainital. A touch of colonial house, Corbett’s possessions and old world charm of this place is the specialty of Gurney house. The house surrounded by a beautiful blooming garden on the backdrop offers a classy view.

There are many more attractions of Nainital which allure tourists throughout the year, but the best time to visit this classic destination of Uttarakhand is between the months of March to November. For witnessing romantic snowfall in the region winter season in the months of December, January is the best time.


  1. I've been to many cities in India, but for the first time I've heard Nainital, have a plan to visit Nainital for the upcoming vacation

  2. Awesome place for visit. I like to visit here at this end of the year.

  3. I've visited India several times. But I haven't heard about this place. I would like to visit Naina Devi temple in my next visit. Thanks for your information.

  4. I have only once visited NainiTaal and tell you what? I never wanted to return back from there. So beautiful place to live and travel. One of my best travel destination.

  5. Nice places to visit in India. I will add these to my travel list.

  6. I visited India several times. However, you have never heard about this place I am. I think I want to visit the Naina Devi temple visit in my next. I appreciate your information.

  7. I have been to many cities in India, the first time I heard Nainital, I've have a plan to visit Nainital for a vacation in the future

  8. This is an awesome place to visit. I went there 3 years ago with my family. There were lots of religious places to visit. Those are rich in cultural aspects as well.

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  10. Went here last year, we ventured into Kumaon foothills of the outer Himalayas,it was truly brilliant!!