Goa beauty spot of Indian Tourism

Goa is a like a beauty spot on the tourist map of India favored as the best destination by locals as well as International tourism. There are many explicit tourist destination in India among which Goa is preferred by many because of its unending tourist potential, its central location and the long coastal stretch offering incredible beach vacations. There are many placesto visit in Goa you can select some as per your choice.

Beaches are no doubt the triumph card of Goa but there is much more to explore at this vibrant state having borders with many Indian states. It is the History of Goa which has added taste to the Goan vacations offering explicit monuments, a mixed culture of many religions and above all the spicy cuisines. Major cities of Goa like Panaji, Vasco, Mapusa and Margao are having their own charm and identity. Visiting these cities and some of the remote destinations concealed in them it self will make a refreshment of your mood. In historical and pre historical times Goa was the land of temples displaying great architectural styles like Hemadpanti and Kadamba. The art and architecture of these temples is mesmerizing. Temples like Tambdi Surla, Mangeshi Temple, Kamakshi Temple and Shantadurga temple are the marvels of Goa. When Goa was ruled by the Portuguese, British and many other European regimes they established some of the beautiful churches in this land which are listed as the best sight seeing places of Goa. Each of these major churches has its own form of art and architecture and some legend associated with it. These religious places are the part of its great heritage and must visit places during your tour. Other attractive facets of Goa tourism include the incredible Museums and forts offering a chance to peep inside the history of this golden land. Another hidden tourist potential of Goa is the jungles and wildlife of Goa, which is preserved in some of its renowned wildlife sanctuaries. This destination showing Biodiversity is rich in animal life, bird life as well as marine life due to its long coastal line.

Tourist’sattractions of Goa allure people of all age due to the variety of entertainment enveloped at its beaches in the form of various beach activities and water sports like paragliding, windsurfing, snorkeling, Scuba diving, water skiing and parasailing. Apart from this Dinghy sailing, is the unique attraction referred by the locals as “beer and sandwich” sailing. Gentle winds at some of the beaches of Goa favor this activity, which includes sailing through around fifteen feet long vessel called Dinghy which can easily carry three to four people. If you are a beginner you can take initial lessons at the Zuari estuary in Dona Paula. It is totally a fun activity and surfers with average physique also can enjoy this activity. Among the many reasons to visit Goa the colorful festivals of Goa cannot be ignored. These festivals and events of Goa add colors to the already lovely life of the Island. During the festive celebrations as well as during various events hosted throughout the year life in Goa becomes more enjoyable and easy going. Many communities of this destination come closer during this merrymaking time and make the celebration memorable. Looking at all these aspects of Goa it is a sure to suit place to all ages and choices who are visiting it for different reasons of enjoyment.

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