Kerala the correct blend of history culture and nature at its best

Every time whenever it comes to deciding which holiday destination to visit, there is always a war of words among our family members. My reference of family does not mean three or four members, it’s a group of around fifteen including kids, youngsters and seniors. This time deciding the right destination was more crucial as we were going on a tour after a gap of three years. Everybody was busy collecting data on more attractive destinations, from this data and discussions majority of us agreed for Kerala as the destination for our forthcoming tour.
When our family friend Venugopalan came to know about our travel plans, he extended a helping hand by taking the responsibility to take us around the notable places to visit in Kerala. Venugopalan being the resident of Thiruvanantpuram having a huge house in its vicinity, we landed in this city first. Looking at the immense tourist potential of this capital city of Kerala, we thought of visiting some selected places to visit in Kerala. Some of the highlighted places in and around the city are Kanakakkunnu Palace, Sree Padmanabha Swami Temple, St. Josephs Cathedral, Trivandrum zoo, Science and Technology Museum and Kowdiar palace. We covered most of the places in a day’s tour taking our lunch at the cities most renowned Kalavara family restaurant. Seafood cooked in keralite style of cooking, with awesome side dishes was a great experience for all of us. Among the above places Sree Padmanabha Swami temple is the must visit place in Thiruvanantpuram which was previously called Trivandrum.
We thought that second phase of our tour should be more enjoying and entertaining, so we filtered a few places to visit like Kovalam beach, Shanghumugham Beach and the Veli lagoon. Kovalam beach is a paradise for the beach vacationers located just few km from the city which is renowned as one of the finest beaches in India. We had excellent time around the beach where we shopped, took an exclusive medicinal oil bath and went for a soothing Ayurvedic massage. Halcyon castle offers luxurious accommodations of International standards. We spent our evening at the nearby serene Shanghumugham beach close to Trivandrum International airport. The huge “Jalakanyaka” sculpture and the amusement park attract tourists to this place. At Veli lagoon we had enjoyed lots of water sports and a coffee at the floating restaurant. We had a nice opportunity to get the glimpse of sunset at the beach. Our wish of taking a Keralite dinner was fulfilled at the Indian Coffee house. The ancient stone pavilion and Vettukad Church near the beach are also best places to visit.
We were really accomplished with our tour of Kerala, which became spicy under the guidance of our great friend. In order to respect his request, we stayed one extra day at the capital city in which we had the chance to get acquainted with the common Keralite delicacies like Paysam and appetizer Rassam. Offering thanks to Venugopalan we left this incredible place for a return journey.

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