Tour of Kodaikanal

A general perception among tourists is that northern parts of India are cooler than regions down south. But, any of them visiting Kodaikanal would have a different experience altogether; as this area has a pleasant climate throughout the year. Situated at an elevation of about 2133 metres, it offers beautiful views that are characterized by vast areas consisting of meadows, grasslands, waterfalls and gardens. Such is the natural beauty of this region that many newly-weds prefer it over several other hill stations for a honeymoon vacation. Today, one can find numerous travel companies or tour operators offering excellent Kodaikanal tour packages at reasonable rates. Tourists can have a well-planned itinerary along with luxurious stays in some of the best hotels with such travel packages. They can also have an advantage of visiting the most scenic locations of Kodaikanal and making their vacation in this region pleasant and memorable.

Most of the tourist attractions are located close to each other, providing a great deal of convenience for visitors. Popular among them is Kodaikanal Lake, which was artificially created in the year 1863. A path that surrounds it, offers a pleasant walk for its local residents and tourists. A botanical garden called Bryant Park, having many species of flora, is another great place worth visiting. It has a large section dedicated to over seven hundred varieties of roses. Coaker's Walk offers a thrilling experience for visitors as they walk this one-kilometre path. If the visitors are lucky, they can also witness a rare occurrence known as Brocken spectre, in which, they can see their own shadow on clouds with a rainbow halo. Newly-weds can explore many such beautiful attractions with honeymoon packages that are offered by several tour operators. Almost all of them have an online presence today and these packages can be booked online.

Travellers can get tremendous discounts while booking a tour package on the website of a travel company. Many of them have occasional special offers on their Kodaikanal holiday packages for people who choose to book them. Greatest benefit of these holiday packages is that tourists can have a well-planned itinerary, including stays at some of the best hotels. These hotels offer a comfortable stay for them with elegantly furnished rooms and plenty of added amenities. These packages are designed to suit different budget sizes and travel preferences of individuals booking them. As a result, many travellers have chosen to book such travel packages in recent times.