The Amazing Aspects Of Manali Tourism

An ancient town near Kullu valley, Manali is a popular tourist destination and is often called the 'Switzerland of India'. Travellers, adventure tourists and honeymooners can find some fabulous places to visit in Manali during their tour. This region has some of the most enchanting landscapes that feature snow-capped peaks, beautiful mountains, Beas River and thick forests. It is also considered as a sacred place, and is visited by plenty of Hindu pilgrims every year. According to the local traditions, Manali has been named after a mythological character called Manu, who survived when the world drowned in flood. Shopping centres at various places in this region are also of great benefit to the ones who are looking for some excellent places to shop for their favorite items. As the Himalayan handicrafts of Manali are famous among tourists, many of them buy prayer wheels, masks, musical instruments and jewellery.

Manali has several attractions for tourists in the form of temples and fascinating natural surroundings. The Gadhan Thekchoking Gompa, located in the Tibetan area of Manali is worth visiting for travellers. It has a mid-size Buddhist statue and brightly coloured frescoes that would be of great interest for visitors. Those who are in search of places that are of historical significance can visit the Hidimba Devi Temple. It is located at a distance of about 2.5 kilometres from tourist office, and sits amidst a deodar forest. A big festival is held in the month of May in this temple complex. Another interesting part of Manali tourism is Nehru Kund, which is a natural spring of cold and clear water. The first prime minister of India, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, used to drink water from this spring during his stay in this region. Vashishtha village, on the left bank of Beas River has hot springs with separate bathing tanks for men and women. Rohtang Pass is another famous attraction of Manali, which provides a spectacular view of peaks, glaciers and Chandra river. Rahala water falls, Solang valley, Arjun cave, Manu temple and Tibetan monasteries are among the other popular attractions in Manali.

Summers in Manali are very pleasant, while the winters are very cold with frequent snowfall. Best time to visit this region would be between the months of May and October. The period from December to February is ideal for people who want to enjoy skiing in this part of the world. Picturesque hamlets, small fields of wild flowers and fruit orchards of this region are also considered as great tourist attractions by travellers. A popular event called 'Winter Carnival' is held in February, which gives a chance for adventure seekers to have a great skiing experience. An expensive sport called Heli-skiing can also be enjoyed around this time of the year. Bhuntar Airport is the nearest for people arriving by air. Nearest railway station for the ones travelling by trains would be Joginder Nagar. Motorable roads connect Manali to some of the major places like Delhi, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Haridwar and Shimla, which offers great convenience for people travelling by road.

Darjeeling an incredible tourist destination

Darjeeling is remembered for its sprawling tea estates and the adventurous Himalayan railways winding through the rough terrain and slopes. But this incredible destination in West Bengal has many other attractions to its credits. This city tucked on a higher altitude of around six thousand seven hundred feet’s, was initially developed in the British era who loved the place and its refreshing weather. Darjeeling which is the headquarters of the district enjoys a partly autonomous status, with many schools maintaining British school standards, hence attracting students from other parts of India. The culture of this major town in West Bengal is influenced by people of various origins like Tibetan, Nepalese and Bengalese. The hillocks of Darjeeling are part of the Lesser Himalayas with dense evergreen forests of sal and oak. The forests and wildlife of Darjeeling are well preserved in the form of botanical gardens and Zoos. Exclusive wildlife of the region is well nurtured in the parks and sanctuaries. Darjeeling tourism has a great potential enveloped in its many beautiful places of Tourist interest. Some of the best places to visit in Darjeeling can be quoted as follows. .

The Rock Garden 

There are two rock gardens to be visited while visiting Darjeeling one which is known as Barbotey Rock Garden and the other called Sir John Anderson Rock Garden. Barbotey Rock Garden is just ten km away from city center and road going to the garden having sharp turns and descending slopes offers scenic views of the surrounding valley. Unlike conventional gardens it is a multi location landscape spiraled around a waterfall which multiplies its beauty. The terraced garden offers panoramic views of water cascading over the rocks along the mountain slope.

Darjeeling-Rangeet Valley ropeway
This most modern ropeway connects Darjeeling to the Singla Bazaar at the bottom of the valley. This ropeway most popular among the tourists is busy most of the times during peak season. It offers mind blowing views of the surrounding region, while descending to the bottom of Rangeet valley. This ropeway which started with a single car now keeps sixteen cars which ply between North point and banks of Ramman River.

Senchal Lake and wildlife sanctuary

This beautiful lake located just eleven km from the town is tucked on a higher elevation adjacent to Tiger hill is a paradise for nature lovers. A mountain spring is the source of water for this lake and the lake in turn feeds the town. Visitors get mesmerized with the beauty of the lake which is surrounded by dense forest cover having different kinds of trees including around three hundred fifty flowering plants. These dense jungles are popular for a variety of wildlife like Himalayan black bears, leopards and barking deer’s.

Apart from these there are many other Darjeeling tourist attractions like tea plantations, wildlife sanctuaries, Himalaya mountaineering Institute and the many ancient monasteries, which will make your visit to the destination a memorable one. Darjeeling offering salubrious climate throughout the year is best to visit during summers from April to June. Select your accommodation from the wide range of hotels and hostels offering Luxury and a traditional touch.

Gangtok Tourism

Deep insight of Gangtok tourism

Gangtok the capital of Sikkim is said to be floating on clouds due to its location on higher altitudes of around five thousand five hundred feet, offering exclusive views of the surrounding region. In historic times this was the strategic point of transit for traders who used to travel between India and Tibet. It is located in the eastern Himalaya range with a mixed population of Bhutias, Lepchas and Nepalese. Gangtok tourism is focused on natural beauty, ancient places of worship and some serene locations. Gangtok being ruled by many local powers has a rich past and treasure of heritage monuments in the form of Buddhist monasteries. After independence Gangtok became the capital of Sikkim which preferred to remain an independent monarchy. This beautiful city adorned with many pagodas, and religious institutions is a center of Tibetan Buddhist culture. Namgyal Institute of Tibetology is the major tourist attraction of Gangtok, which preserves largest collection of Tibetan works along with a museum of Tibetan iconography and religious art.

Blessed with a monsoon dominated subtropical climate this destination enjoys a splendid climate throughout the year except monsoon. Gangtok like other Himalayan towns observes five seasons monsoon, summer, winter, spring and autumn. The destination is a popular hill resort of northeast and is abundant in scenic landscapes and many beautiful places to visit. Some of the popular places to visit in Gangtok are Kalimpong, Nathu La, Pelling, Siliguri, Rumtek Monastery, Yuksom and Darjeeling

It is brimmed up with variety of attractions like incredible monasteries of Fo-Brang, Zong Dog, Thongsha and Tharpa Choling, colonial bungalows preserving the riches of British raj, arts and crafts centers as well as places of religious importance. Getting panoramic views of the peaks of Kanjenjunga, Paunhari, Siniolchu, Chola, Gymochen and Jalep La is another charming experience of this destination.

Tucked beautifully between the north Eastern Himalayas and the Dooar region in West Bengal Siliguri is the gateway to some of the explicit attractions like Darjeeling, Dooars, Kalimpong, and Gangtok. Being supported with most modern facilities of traveling and accommodation it is more popular for a splendid shopping experience.

Rumtek Monastery
Located at just twenty four km from Gangtok Rumtek is the abiode of the sixteenth Gyawla Karmapa who is the head of the Karma Kagyu order of Tibetan Buddhism. Locally popular as Dharma Chakra Centre its main attractions are its monastery for the monks and a beautiful temple complex built by Karmapa. With a salubrious weather and sprawling lush green landscape the monastery provides a serene atmosphere to the visitors.
Nathu La is a mountain pass connecting the Indian state of Sikkim with China's Tibet Autonomous Region. Located on a great height of around fourteen thousand feet it is a part of the extension of ancient silk route. This pass is at a distance of fifty four km from Gangtok which is one of the three trading borders between India and China. Vegetation differs at the steep slope at different levels of the pass and offer beautiful views of the adjacent mountains and valleys. The region is rarely populated and members of nomadic Tibetan tribes along with their animals can be spotted here.

Gangtok is having plenty of accommodations in the form of super deluxe hotels offering exclusive lodging and boarding facilities. Best time to visit this Himalayan destination is from October to December when the region is at its best offering clear views of the mountains and valleys. March to May is the best time for enjoying the festival and cultural celebrations.

Explore the charm of Nainital Tourism

Nainital one of the popular hills stations of India stands on top of the list of tourist attractions of Uttarakhand. This incredible Indian state is popular for many popular tourist attractions and pilgrim centers. Uttarakhand located in northern India is supposed to be the abode of god as per Hindu belief and covers variety of attractions of tourist interest. It is blessed with natural beauty of the Himalayas and an exclusive surrounding. Nainital tourism has many dazzling tourist attractions to be explored.

Nainital the lake district of Uttarakhand is located on a great height of around two thousand meters and it has received its name from the tranquil Naini Lake. Salubrious weather and scenic beauty of Nainital is one of the prime factors, which attract hordes of tourists to this popular hill station in the Himalayas. This beautiful city of Uttarakhand has many legends associated with it, one of which describes Nainital as the place where Lord shankara performed his Tandava Nritya. This popular region mentioned in the ancient mythological books has become a popular destination in the modern days. Tucked amidst high rising peaks of Kumaon hills this lake resort of Nainital offers many activities like boating, strolling hill side jungles and visiting some of the renowned institutions like ARIES. Some of the beautiful places to visit in Nainital are Bhimtal, Sattal, Naina Devi Temple, Governor’s House, Naina Peak and Nakuchiatal.

Bhimtal is a lovely town located at a height of 1370 meters and just twenty two km from Nainital with the scenic Bhimtal Lake as its central attraction. This lake located beautifully amidst the huge green mountains is an exclusive tourist as well as pilgrim destination. Beauty of this lake is doubled by the small island, which is perched at the center of this lake. Bhimtal is a great combination of exotic views, historic places and incredible wildlife circled in its forests.

This is an exclusive collection of seven lakes located near Bhimtal on a great height resembling paradise on earth. Beautifully set amidst dense oak and pine forests this unspoilt location attracts many tourists as well as migratory birds from distant places. There are camps organized in this area for enjoying outdoor luxury of the region.

Naina Devi Temple
This 15th century temple is the most sacred place and a religious pilgrim center of Nainital. There is a mythological story of Shiva and Parvati associated with this temple. Located on the northern shore of Naini lake Maa Naina Devi is the chief deity of this temple. The fabulous hill resort of Nainital basically received its name from this goddess.

Naina Peak
It offers excellent scenic views of rising deodars, rhododendrons as well as cypress trees. Tour of Naina Peak offers exclusive views of the surrounding landscapes and other neighboring snow clad peaks.

Gurney House 
This is the residence of well known conservationist Jim Corbett located in the scenic Ayarpatta slopes of Nainital. A touch of colonial house, Corbett’s possessions and old world charm of this place is the specialty of Gurney house. The house surrounded by a beautiful blooming garden on the backdrop offers a classy view.

There are many more attractions of Nainital which allure tourists throughout the year, but the best time to visit this classic destination of Uttarakhand is between the months of March to November. For witnessing romantic snowfall in the region winter season in the months of December, January is the best time.

Goa beauty spot of Indian Tourism

Goa is a like a beauty spot on the tourist map of India favored as the best destination by locals as well as International tourism. There are many explicit tourist destination in India among which Goa is preferred by many because of its unending tourist potential, its central location and the long coastal stretch offering incredible beach vacations. There are many placesto visit in Goa you can select some as per your choice.

Beaches are no doubt the triumph card of Goa but there is much more to explore at this vibrant state having borders with many Indian states. It is the History of Goa which has added taste to the Goan vacations offering explicit monuments, a mixed culture of many religions and above all the spicy cuisines. Major cities of Goa like Panaji, Vasco, Mapusa and Margao are having their own charm and identity. Visiting these cities and some of the remote destinations concealed in them it self will make a refreshment of your mood. In historical and pre historical times Goa was the land of temples displaying great architectural styles like Hemadpanti and Kadamba. The art and architecture of these temples is mesmerizing. Temples like Tambdi Surla, Mangeshi Temple, Kamakshi Temple and Shantadurga temple are the marvels of Goa. When Goa was ruled by the Portuguese, British and many other European regimes they established some of the beautiful churches in this land which are listed as the best sight seeing places of Goa. Each of these major churches has its own form of art and architecture and some legend associated with it. These religious places are the part of its great heritage and must visit places during your tour. Other attractive facets of Goa tourism include the incredible Museums and forts offering a chance to peep inside the history of this golden land. Another hidden tourist potential of Goa is the jungles and wildlife of Goa, which is preserved in some of its renowned wildlife sanctuaries. This destination showing Biodiversity is rich in animal life, bird life as well as marine life due to its long coastal line.

Tourist’sattractions of Goa allure people of all age due to the variety of entertainment enveloped at its beaches in the form of various beach activities and water sports like paragliding, windsurfing, snorkeling, Scuba diving, water skiing and parasailing. Apart from this Dinghy sailing, is the unique attraction referred by the locals as “beer and sandwich” sailing. Gentle winds at some of the beaches of Goa favor this activity, which includes sailing through around fifteen feet long vessel called Dinghy which can easily carry three to four people. If you are a beginner you can take initial lessons at the Zuari estuary in Dona Paula. It is totally a fun activity and surfers with average physique also can enjoy this activity. Among the many reasons to visit Goa the colorful festivals of Goa cannot be ignored. These festivals and events of Goa add colors to the already lovely life of the Island. During the festive celebrations as well as during various events hosted throughout the year life in Goa becomes more enjoyable and easy going. Many communities of this destination come closer during this merrymaking time and make the celebration memorable. Looking at all these aspects of Goa it is a sure to suit place to all ages and choices who are visiting it for different reasons of enjoyment.

Changing trends of Pune tourism

Pune is the pride of Maharashtra which received valuable heritage of the great saints of this region, which was carried forward from one generation to other. Located in the vicinity of Mumbai this metro city is the best amalgamation of age old traditions mixed with modern pleasures. Tourists visiting this city after they visit other Indian cities notice the uniqueness of the city, which is enveloped in many of its beautiful places to visit. This cultural capital of Maharashtra is now geared up with modern infrastructure and an airport of its own at Lohegaon just ten km from the city center. This airport which connects the city to other major cities of India as well as two international destinations like Dubai and Franfurt has brought a revolution in Pune tourism. It is reflected in the day by day growing tourist traffic to this destination.

The city has many things and activities to its credit ranging from historical sites, forts, caves, museums, shrines and huge dams. Pune once popular as Punya nagari or city of virtue has now acquired many other reputations like city of malls, educational center, city of renowned institutes like Film & Television institute and National Defense academy. In recent years it has started molding into a popular business hub. Taking into consideration the recent hike of tourist influx the city is concentrating more on attracting tourists from international locations by providing an amazing night life and world class hotels to stay. Among places to visit in Pune  Osho Ashram is on top of the list. Located in the prestigious area of Koregaon Park this beautiful ashram is spread on a spacious twenty eight acres of land enveloping natural bliss and the most modern means of luxurious life. Osho International meditation center popularly called Osho Ashram is always blossomed with followers of many nationalities, who come here to learn fundamentals of bringing happiness in their life. The disciples are taught in various workshops how to maintain coordination between your body and soul. This city encourages an opportunity to explore old majesties along with modern wonders like conventional old Wadas or local bazaars along with the flashy malls, traditional eating places and the Luxurious hotels. Shaniwar Wada is the most popular and picturesque historic site of Pune. These ruins of the palace of Peshwa family is the must visit place for tourists. The light and sound show organized at this location is the most amazing tourist attraction in this city. Aga Khan Palace, Saras Bag, Bal Gandharva Mandir, Tilak Smarak Mandir, Film and Television Institute of India are popular places to visit in Pune. It is best to visit during its colorful festivals and fairs like Ganesh Chaturthi, Sawai Gandharva festival, Osho festival and Chaturshringi festival. The city becomes vibrant during Ganesh festival with hordes of devotees coming to the streets for joining the visarjan procession.

Presently the city is in limelight regarding excellent facilities available here in the field of Yoga and Meditation. Gradually Pune has become a great center of yoga and related activities, which are attracting Indian as well as foreign tourists.

Vacation Packages That Are Easy On Tourist's Wallets

Vacationing in some of the most exotic locations is something that many tourists look forward to, but the thought of huge travel costs often scares them. Fortunately, an intense competition among travel companies have resulted in many of them coming up with interesting schemes to attract customers. Today, people can find several vacation packages offered by tour operators or travel companies that help them save significant amounts while booking their holidays. These packages also include exciting itineraries for tourists, providing them true value for money.
Holiday Tour Packages

The best aspect of these packages is that travelers do not have to worry about booking flights and hotels separately. Popular attractions are included while planning the itineraries, and accommodations are arranged in luxury hotels to ensure a pleasant stay for tourists during their vacation. Today, almost all the travel companies have their own websites to make the process of planning vacations easier for tourists. Inclusion of international and domestic flights make the journey between multiple destinations very convenient.

Many of the travel companies are exploring different ways to enhance the overall experience of travelers by including self-catered accommodations. Some of them have come up with tour packages which include such type of accommodations, providing tourists with greater savings and independence. People who opt for such packages not only get to tour their favorite destinations, but can also feel completely at home while staying in self-catered accommodations. They are available in the form of luxury villas and apartments that are fully equipped with modern facilities and certain added amenities.

Kerala the correct blend of history culture and nature at its best

Every time whenever it comes to deciding which holiday destination to visit, there is always a war of words among our family members. My reference of family does not mean three or four members, it’s a group of around fifteen including kids, youngsters and seniors. This time deciding the right destination was more crucial as we were going on a tour after a gap of three years. Everybody was busy collecting data on more attractive destinations, from this data and discussions majority of us agreed for Kerala as the destination for our forthcoming tour.
When our family friend Venugopalan came to know about our travel plans, he extended a helping hand by taking the responsibility to take us around the notable places to visit in Kerala. Venugopalan being the resident of Thiruvanantpuram having a huge house in its vicinity, we landed in this city first. Looking at the immense tourist potential of this capital city of Kerala, we thought of visiting some selected places to visit in Kerala. Some of the highlighted places in and around the city are Kanakakkunnu Palace, Sree Padmanabha Swami Temple, St. Josephs Cathedral, Trivandrum zoo, Science and Technology Museum and Kowdiar palace. We covered most of the places in a day’s tour taking our lunch at the cities most renowned Kalavara family restaurant. Seafood cooked in keralite style of cooking, with awesome side dishes was a great experience for all of us. Among the above places Sree Padmanabha Swami temple is the must visit place in Thiruvanantpuram which was previously called Trivandrum.
We thought that second phase of our tour should be more enjoying and entertaining, so we filtered a few places to visit like Kovalam beach, Shanghumugham Beach and the Veli lagoon. Kovalam beach is a paradise for the beach vacationers located just few km from the city which is renowned as one of the finest beaches in India. We had excellent time around the beach where we shopped, took an exclusive medicinal oil bath and went for a soothing Ayurvedic massage. Halcyon castle offers luxurious accommodations of International standards. We spent our evening at the nearby serene Shanghumugham beach close to Trivandrum International airport. The huge “Jalakanyaka” sculpture and the amusement park attract tourists to this place. At Veli lagoon we had enjoyed lots of water sports and a coffee at the floating restaurant. We had a nice opportunity to get the glimpse of sunset at the beach. Our wish of taking a Keralite dinner was fulfilled at the Indian Coffee house. The ancient stone pavilion and Vettukad Church near the beach are also best places to visit.
We were really accomplished with our tour of Kerala, which became spicy under the guidance of our great friend. In order to respect his request, we stayed one extra day at the capital city in which we had the chance to get acquainted with the common Keralite delicacies like Paysam and appetizer Rassam. Offering thanks to Venugopalan we left this incredible place for a return journey.

Himachal Trip

One of the most beautiful regions of northern India, Himachal Pradesh offers breathtaking views of its snow-capped mountains and lush green valleys for visitors. Its hill stations have always enjoyed tremendous popularity among tourists. Most of them visit these places to get some respite from scorching summers, while there are some who wish to explore scenic beauty of Himachal. It has elevated regions covered with pine forests along with different types of shrubs. Due to these reasons, a Himachal trip is always a rejuvenating experience for many individuals who want to leave all their worries behind and get lost in its enchanting natural surroundings. Adventure-seekers can also have an exciting time as this amazing North Indian state also has plenty of activities in store for such individuals. Couples on a honeymoon trip would also find places that are truly blessed with nature's best gifts, offering an opportunity for them to spend some of the most romantic moments of their lives.
Himachal has plenty of attractions for tourists including some beautiful hill stations and places of worship. They can experience peace and tranquillity in Dharamshala, which is home to the Dalai Lama. This particular place has marvellous views of surrounding Dhauladhar mountains. Hill stations like Kullu-Manali, Shimla and McLeodganj make for an ideal tourist destination during summers. Adventure tourists can enjoy trekking, skiing, paragliding and other sports that provide numerous challenges along with plenty of excitement for them. Rural life of Himachal can be experienced in small towns or villages that have orchards of different types of fruits. Presence of many travel agents in Himachal can be a great boon for honeymooning couples or leisure tourists as they can have several tour packages to choose from.
In recent times, tourists can save plenty of time and money by booking exciting tour packages through a travel site. Whenever travellers are in search for a reliable Himachal tour operator for planning their vacation in this region, an online tour operator can provide plenty of options to choose from. There are different types of Himachal packages that are offered on this website to suit the travel preferences and budgets of various tourists. They not only give such individuals a chance to have greater discounts, but also include best locations of Himachal. Stays during such tours are arranged in some of the best hotels in this region that have luxurious rooms, fully equipped with modern facilities. Booking these tour packages from the comforts of their homes also adds to tourists’ delight.

Leh Ladakh- Paradise on the Earth

A spectacular hill station located at an altitude of more than 2750 metres, Ladakh has gained tremendous popularity among tourists in recent times. There are several scenic landscapes in this region that are set against the backdrop of beautiful snow-clad mountains. It is also characterized by an underlying silence, which has a calming effect on visitors. Leh is the capital city of Ladakh, which has several Buddhist monasteries and a population that welcomes every guest with a smile. Today, there are many tour operators who offer exciting Leh Ladakhtour packages for tourists who want to explore this fabulous region. Individuals and couples visiting this region can also get a glimpse of Ladakh's rich culture during Hemis festival, which is quite popular in this region. A sacred dance called 'Chaam', performed by masked Buddhist monks on this occasion attract a huge audience comprising of locals and tourists. Adventure seekers can indulge in various activities like white water rafting, trekking and jeep safaris.
There are many tourist attractions in Leh-Ladakh that can charm its visitors with its natural and man-made features. First in the list is Shey monastery, which is located on the banks of Indus River. It is wonderfully crafted with Tibetan-style carvings and showcases a blue-haired Buddha made of copper and brass. Thiksey monastery, located at a distance of 30-40 minutes drive from Leh, is another great example of Ladakh's architecture. It has marvellous wall paintings and carvings of Buddha's teachings and ideas on a large pillar. Thiksey Festival attracts plenty of tourists and Buddhist devotees every year and is held with great zest. Stok Palace Museum, which is located at a distance of 14 kilometres from Leh, has several royal artefacts and ancient Buddhist remains. Travel companies that offer Honeymoon packages in Leh Ladakh for newly-weds also include Nubra valley, which is a picturesque region located about 150 kilometres from the city of Leh. It is situated at about 10,000 feet above sea level and almost seems like a heavenly place for those visiting this amazing tourist destination. Alchi, Uletokpo and Drass are some of the other places that are included in tour packages to Ladakh offered by different travel companies.
Certain precautions have to be taken by tourists who visit Ladakh for enjoying their trip to this fabulous region. It is advisable not to take kids below the age of five as they may encounter acclimatization problems. Visitors must carry certain medicines such as Diomax and Disprin with them and drink plenty of water during their trip. Consumption of tobacco and alcohol must be completely avoided as oxygen levels in Ladakh region is very low and would lead to a hangover. This is especially true in case of trekking expeditions which involve trips to places situated at high altitudes. Many travel companies which provide LehLadakh holiday packages for tourists always take utmost care to ensure that these instructions are followed. Taking proper precautions would help tourists to have a pleasant and memorable tour of this enchanting region.