Mahabaleshwar the best hill station of Maharashtra

Mahabaleshwar, is the most attractive hill station in Maharashtra located on the Western Ghats in Satara district. It was originally developed as a health resort. The largest evergreen forests of Mahabaleshwar are rich with many plants and herbs of great medicinal value. Easily accessible from Mumbai and Pune it is the most favored destination in the list of tourist destinations of Maharashtra.

Attraction of Mahabaleshwar is the climate which is enjoyable throughout the year. Especially when the nearby metro cities are experiencing the heat of the summers in the months of February to May, Mahabaleshwar is offering a enjoyable cool weather. It is heavily raining during monsoon and the winters are harsh, so the best time to visit Mahabaleshwar is the summer time. This hill station is dividedinto old Mahabaleshwar and new Mabaleshwar. Just twenty km from the new city old mahabaleshwar is full of enchanting sceneries and ancient temples. There is lot of scope for trekking and other adventurous activities. Visiting old Mahabaleshwar with lots of temples, some of them on the top of the hills gives a divine feeling to the visitors. There are five natural springs pouring water into a rock which looks like a tank. These springs are the sources of various rivers such as Koyna, Krishna, Savitri and many others.

New Mahabaleshwar is very much popular for its strawberry farms and other farm produce. The Mapro factory is also a place worth visiting where you can watch the production of Jams, jellies, sauces and many other fresh fruit products. One can even buy the fresh products at reasonable rates. There are many points known by different names to be visited in Mahableshwar. Sunrise at Wilson point is the most precious view at the highest point in the region. The other popular points to be visited are Elphinston point, Connaught peak, Baghdad point, Bombay point and Rosamond rock. Nearby excursions to Pratapgad and Wai are the other attractions of Mahabaleshwar.

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