Andaman Islands the appealing tourist destination

Andaman is a totally unique mix of splendid attractions which offers the islands a special identity amongst the island destinations in the Indian Ocean. The first thing upon arrival which impresses the tourists is the roads in Andaman. Clean, neat and perfect roads welcome tourists travelling the inside of the island treasures. Andaman tourism is amazing with its many special attractions.

Tourist places in Andaman are beautified with blessed natural beauty and the unique tribal culture. The island destinations are mostly visited for their treasures of marine life and the many adventure sports options available. Possibility of watching the tribal life in their natural habitat is another peculiarity of Andaman Islands. The redskin island offers spectacle of unspoiled beaches and underwater coral gardens. The lucky amongst visitors can enjoy fun of watching dolphins playing in the waters. Book a boat to the redskin island from Wandoor village. The perfect span for mariners apparently called the reds skin islands is a treat with sandy beaches, coral reefs and beautifully colored fish varieties. You can get a glimpse of the tribal life of Andaman in its museum at Port Blair, as well as by visiting few tribal villages in little Andaman Islands. Little Andaman’s is one of the largest islands where you can watch how elephants are trained for lumbering work in the forests. Experience the extensive rainforest with a number of rare species of marine turtles on this island. The island boasts the popular Butler Bay beach with spectacular Pancahavati waterfall. The red oil palm plantations on this island are also worth watching, where you can visit beautiful plantations as well as the palm oil factory. Netaji Nagar beach is another nearby attraction. There are innumerable activities to enjoy at these islands like, savor the beauty of embellished cascading waterfalls, get utmost fun from snorkeling, surfing and basking in sun. Experience utmost fun of beach life by staying in the tiny coconut thatches or the beach huts.

Havelock is the best destination if you are a nature lover. For the adventurous travelers the best fun will be in visiting the islands of Neil, Bara tang, and Long island. Whatever number of days you stay on the Andaman Islands, you will still feel like extending your stay by a few more days. That is the magic of the Andaman Islands which appeals the visitors for repeated visits to this Island destination.

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