Cherai Beach in Kerala

Cherai Beach in Kerala

If you are a beach lover then you must visit Cherai beach in Kerala. Kerala is the place which is speckled with numerous beaches and tourist spots. Adding on to the list of tourist spots is the beautiful Cherai beach. Cherai beach in Kerala is one of the amazing tourist spot which attract innumerable tourists from all over the world every year. This beach is located 35 Kms away from Cochin in the Cherai village of the Ernakulam district. This beach has a coastline of 15 Kms. Cherai beach in Kerala is quite different from the other beaches of India. This beach is very clean and shallow which makes it perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

Cherai beach in Kerala is quiet safe and on this beach you will find well trained security guards that take care of the visitor’s safety. At this beach, you will find seashells of assorted shapes and hues. You can indulge in various kinds of adventure activities at this beach like water scooting, speed boating, sunbathing, water sporting and many other. You can also for a boat rides which will take you on a spree of palm fringed backwaters. In all, you will have the memorable experience of your life at Cherai beach in Kerala.

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