Visit To Matheran

Visit To Matheran
Being a Hill resort when you reach Matheran you will feel as if you have come very close to the nature. There are nearly 35 to 38 places to visit in Matheran.
Here you get information about right time to go to Matheran.

Charlotte Lake
Only 1 km from the market place also known as Sharlott Lake is a serene scenic spot in Matheran. An ancient temple Pisarnath temple is located at the right of the lake and two beautiful picnic spots Louisa point and Echo point from which you can catch a sight of the wild and wonderful landscape and the reddish brown Sahyadri ranges are placed at the left of the lake. The lake location is rich in panoramic sceneries and lusting greeneries. This popular tourist destination is splendid during Monsoon and mostly gets dried up in summer. One can watch some domestic bird fauna flying over the lake adding the picturesque beauty of the lake. Feel the crisp cool air teasing your face as you survey the beautiful landscape around you. The hill resort gets its drinking water supply from the lake which is a beauty to behold especially during the monsoon months, with its swirling coffee brown waters. Food stalls serve up local delicacies and the lakefront is ideal for picnicking.

Panorama point (Sunrise Point)
Although quiet far from Bazarpeth it gives you a panoramic view of the Sahyadri ranges, that’s why it's named as Panorama point. As the name suggests, this can be called as “king” of the points. Situated at Matheran end, it has valleys on east and west side. On eastern side, one can see Neral down below while one can have a glimpse of Panvel and Gadeshwer Lake from west. Sunrise can also be seen from this point. The mountain “Prabalged” is just in front of this point.

Echo point
It is about 2 km from the Post Office. On the right one can experience Echoes reverberating in a low tone from this place. During September-October good view of waterfall can be seen, to the delight of your eyes. Echo of our screams and yells can be heard from here. A view of Louisa Point is taken from this point.

One Tree point
For Many years, there was only one tree at this point & hence the name. This was the point from where mallet first came to Matheran in 1850. One Tree Point or One tree hill is a unique hill spot with a single Jambhul tree perched at the top. The walk through the road known as Shivaji’s ladder, going down from the hill to the plain is really a great experience.

Garbert point
Garbert point is a secluded and not much visited point. At this point valley on one side and dense forest on the other side, one can see beautiful sun rise from this points.

Alexander Point

Like many other points of Matheran, the Alexander Point is located at the hill cliff and offers scenic views of surrounding places. Best views of Bhivpuri Power House Towers are seen from Alexander Point. Other spotted attractions from this point are Rambagh Point, Garbut Point and Chowk Point. The steep valley below Alexander cliff, Ulhas River, Palasdri Lake and Borgaon Village are seen from here and greatly add to the charm of Alexander point.

Porcupine Point (Sunset Point)
Porcupine Point is an attractive view point in Matheran hills. The name is originated from the bird Porcupine as this place has the shape resembling that of Porcupine bird. A nearby majestic attraction is Cathedral rocks located on the western side from Porcupine point to Louisa point.

This spot offers the ideal view of sunset and also gives the majestic view of distant Prabalgad fort. The location is blessed with scenic surrounding and densely populated thick forests. The calm and cool atmosphere gives the travelers a pleasant feeling.

Louisa Point
Louisa Point in Matheran is a charming hillock located on a plateau and offers breathtaking views of Vishalgad Fort and Prabal Fort. The natural beauty of this place is simply unsurpassed and is one of the most famous lookouts in Matheran. This is a marvelous place to relax, away from the rush and din of the plains in peace and tranquility. This point was the most chosen one when India was under the subjugation of the British and the British high officials used to spend their vacations, when the plains were terribly scorching. Located beautifully in the lap of the Western Ghats, Louisa point offers panoramic views of sunset. A languid stroll at this point would simply wipe away all your stress and leave you completely rejuvenated. The waterfalls at this point are simply eye-catching and can be witnessed after the monsoons in the months of September and October. It is one of the most beautiful points and is frequented all the year by the lovers of nature and globe trotters as well. This point is an inevitable stopover in your tour itinerary. There is a hillock which is known as Lion's Head. It is an idyllic spot for picnic and thus attracts a large number of tourists from the various parts of India and the world.

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