Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Useful tips in scoring hotel deals

When it comes to hotel booking, pre-planning is always a better idea. Hotels are available in all sizes and shapes but which one to go for is quite a challenge. This is now easy as we, at, discovered during our research on problems faced by people looking for budget hotels that there were several unanswered questions that people were looking for. With some simple universally applicable steps this can be resolved.

Remember, do not rush to lock a deal because hotels want their rooms to be occupied always and with each day ending, they want you as much you do.

Browsing hotel websites directly for accommodationwill provide you with key information on latest deals available from the right party. If you are going through a booking agency, you might end up paying huge commission and though it is not the direct party, it is possible not getting what the agency promised earlier.

It is important to Go look for budget hotels. In today's competitive wave even the not-branded hotels can provide you deals that meet you needs and fit your pocket at the same time. Before booking, look for the services and facilities all-inclusive, customer reviews, rooms, rates, nearby connectivity, bundle discounts that are both convenient and comfortable.
Be careful to check for any hidden costs that might not reflect in an initial promise by the hotel. Don't keep hotel's brochure as the final word of mouth. Be stright forward while making an inquiry and ask as many questions as you want, winning over doubts is relieving.
Do not hesitate while negotiating or asking for discounts for the accommodations or services scheme. As there are so many deals in the market, hotels agree to negotiate and offer seasonal or special discounts.
Rather than going for rating or stars focus on customer reviews. Reviews are direct feedback from people who have had dealt with a particular hotel before and will write about their stay at the hotel and its services. These are more genuine than ratings as they focus on details than outer look.
Check room types before booking whether it is a general room or a luxury suite, or a duplex. If you are lucky you can see the hotel gallery section on the hotel website to see room interiors and lobby area that will give you a fair idea about the place.
Compare prices from different hotels for getting the best deal available and reassessing the information with a plan can be helpful.
Plan your accommodation clubbing with a tour package. This means you will get to explore a place and your accommodation will be included in the tour package at a much discounted rate. This way you don't have to pay extra cost for stay separately while visiting a place.
By following these simple guidelines, you can master in finding best hotel deals and reach more places than ever to add to your memorable memories. For more please visit

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Some Extremely Useful Tricks To Get Cheap Air Tickets

In order to get to some of the best destinations in the world, it is obvious that people cannot avoid travelling by air. With the frequent fare hikes and rising inflation, travellers often try to get the best deals on air tickets. Many of them book flights as early as possible to get tickets at much lower rates. Although this is the best and one of the easiest ways to get airline tickets at lower prices, there are many individuals who find it very hard to plan their travel well in advance. They are left wondering whether there are other ways of getting flight tickets at rates that would bring a smile to their faces.

Knowing when to buy flight tickets: Travelling on certain days of the week could be really helpful to travellers, for getting the best deals. Fridays and Sundays are the busiest days of travel, and buying air tickets on these days would never fetch any discounts. Booking on the remaining days might increase your chances of getting flight tickets at cheaper rates.

Hunting for tweets by airlines: Tweets by airlines can be expected at any point in time during the day, and following them would really help travellers in getting cheap air tickets to certain destinations. Sometimes it can be exactly the place where they want to go.

Registering on the websites of airlines: It is a good idea to sign up for offers on the websites of airlines, as they are quick to send the best deals on air tickets to their registered members. This would reduce the overall cost of travel to a great extent.

On following these simple, yet effective tips for grabbing the best flight deals, anyone can increase their chances of getting cheap flights without any worries. Another important point to remember is that passenger traffic usually subsides after the peak seasons, and this is the time when airlines are ready to slash the prices of their air tickets.

Savour The Spanish Splendour Offered By Travel Hot

Old Madrid City Image
Many tourists head to Spain every year to explore its beautiful offerings. This amazing country shares its borders with France, Andorra and certain parts of North Africa. The holiday packages in Spain offered by Travel Hot provide several options to tourists in terms of destinations as well as activities to do while vacationing in the country. Over the years, Spain has become one of the most visited destinations in the world owing to its historical sites, museums, art galleries, theme parks, monuments and fascinating natural landscapes.
Spain Madrid City
Spanish Splendour is one of the packages that Travel Hot offers to travellers wanting to visit the popular cities of the country, such as, Madrid, Seville, Cordoba, Granada and Barcelona. The Spain holiday deals would really help them with greater savings, which they can utilize while shopping for their favorite items. On the first day, they arrive at Madrid airport and are transported to the hotel where their stay has been arranged. The next day will be spent exploring the architectural and cultural wonders of Madrid.On the third and fourth day, tourists can visit other locations in the cities of Madrid and Cordoba. The Fifth and sixth day of the Spanish Splendour tour package would take them to Seville and Granada, where they can see amazing tourist attractions. Towards the end of the tour, they would get to spend some memorable moments in Barcelona.

During the tour, travellers can get to know more about the rich cultural heritage of this country. Commentary available at the time of sightseeing makes it possible for them to understand some amazing facts about Spain. Couples looking for some delightful Spain honeymoon packages would find the Spanish Splendour tour package offered by Travel Hot really interesting. The stay for tourists is arranged in some of the best hotels in the country fully equipped with modern amenities.